fine art photography, travel photography, travel photographer

photographer, artist, designer, educator, activist, veteran, creative, humanist;

i am all these things and  i struggle with nomenclatures. titles and labels bear truth yet also constrict and suffocate, forcing fluidity into prefabricated molds. Humanity gives semantics incredible power in that words define our existence; what we name ourselves and the labels we create can have gravitational impact. Therefore, I resist the urge to ready-make myself, to pigeon-hole my existence with definitions and preconceptions. I find it easier to define what I am not, rather than what I am. My definition is a story of tenacity and survival.

When asked the question: “who am I?” my first response is a chuckle; immediately followed by the sense of being completely overwhelmed. I have spent years working towards self-actualization; working to decolonize myself from the myths that have been embedded into my DNA through deliberate and subversive means. I struggled through my demons seeking out a semblance of truth and authenticity and peace; this is what has brought me here.